Walter Rainey    Florida United StatesRating:
Walmart.comI purchased a few items and they came in just as they were supposed to
4/13/2019 5:47:14 PM1017

 Julia Harris    MS United StatesRating:
55Mulberry.com5excellent experience
1/10/2019 6:19:55 PM1014

 Doc Gee    Georgia United StatesRating:
Walmart.comWal-Mart is convenient. Everything in one location. Prices are low and with the Savings Catcher I don t have to shop around. Now with the added convenience of shopping online and through OurGV or SwagBucks, I m in heaven. All I need now is a way to check for my Savings Catcher at checkout.
12/13/2018 8:19:39 PM1012

 David DeBrosse    Florida United StatesRating:
Walmart.comThis good to shop on line it does same money
10/15/2018 9:59:36 PM1006

 David DeBrosse    Florida United StatesRating:
Walmart.comThis good to shop on line it does same money
10/15/2018 9:59:24 PM1005

 Patrice Morchain    FRANCE FranceRating: has great offers and delivers very quickly even in France... I love shoping for Grey Flannel from Geoffrey Benne...
2/13/2018 10:49:47 PM999

 Starlaen M Perkins    MT United StatesRating: I have never paid less than 200.00 for a pair of glasses. With the OurGV shopping mall I was able to get the prescription glasses I needed for less than 90.00. That is a huge blessing as well as saving. I am very thankful for OurGV!!! Eye Buy Direct is very simple to use and has all the latest greatest styles!!
11/21/2017 3:47:43 PM994

 Patrice Morchain    Nord FranceRating:
Booking.comAs I travel a lot for my business to give my classes, I appreciate to book my hotels with and be rewarded at the same time !
8/23/2017 1:17:45 AM986

 John Balikuddembe    Central UgandaRating:
AVG.comOn my laptop, I installed AVG antivirus and it has been work well for me to detect and remove viruses from my pc. I like AVG because since I installed it, I haven t found any fault in it at all.
8/11/2017 3:24:13 AM985

 John Balikuddembe    Central UgandaRating:
Adobe.comApart from using my Acer laptop, I also installed Adobe reader and it works well. One day Reinstalled windows on my Computer and forgot to install Adobe but I suffered a lot because I could not be able to download and file,till I realized the problem and rectify it.
8/11/2017 3:11:13 AM984

 John Balikuddembe    Central UgandaRating:
Acer.comAcer is one of the major Computer Companies with producing desirable product. I use Acer at home but works very wonderfully and on top of working well, it s design and look is quite different from other Computer types.
8/11/2017 2:56:45 AM983

 Peter Winkler    Wa United StatesRating:
TireRack.comNever worry about being stuck with the wrong tire again. Tirerack knows the original equipment for your make and model and gives you tons of options and a comparison device. Don t forget to check out the customer reviews so you know that the tires you choose will perform to your expectations. I have bought and will continue to buy my tires through Tirerack. 5 Big Stars!
4/10/2017 8:50:11 PM975

 Sandra Olson    Illinois United StatesRating:
Walmart.comAs always Wal-Mart was out standing. Everything was on time or early and in good condition. They always have what I need. Awesome Job Thank You.
2/1/2017 9:07:26 AM973

 Sandra Olson    Illinois United StatesRating:
Walmart.comAs always everything I needed was there for me. Delivery was even early and in Great condition. It made it before My Grand Daughter arrived here.
1/9/2017 5:26:53 PM972

 mary ellen Watkins     Michigan United StatesRating:
Walmart.comWell its good products and cheap
12/30/2016 4:53:17 AM970

 Don Bell    CA United StatesRating:
TractorSupply.comI love to shop at Tractor Supply Co. when I m in an area that has one, for hardware, mechanical supplies, welding supplies, and general farm supplies. These things are harder to find now that the traditional hardware stores seem to be a vanishing breed. The staff is always helpful, knowlegesale and down-to-earth.
12/9/2016 12:50:54 PM969

 lavera hamm    madison United StatesRating:
FragranceNet.comI have shopped with FragranceNet before and very happy with it .Good discount and brand are designer cologne and perfume.
11/23/2016 8:44:03 PM968

 Sandra Olson    Illinois United StatesRating:
Walmart.comAll and I do mean ALL of my orders have been AMAZING. This is so much easier than having to fight the crowds and allows me to stay home with my dad not leaving him alone. Also getting our Grand Babies things. I order on-line and have it sent to their home OR the closes Wal-Mart. LOVE LOVE IT. I wish there was A 10 Rating Because that s what I would give them A BIG 10.
11/14/2016 11:41:11 AM966

 lavera hamm    madison United StatesRating:
Avenue.comavenue has good quality materials, there true to size and I love the styles, the sales are good to THANK YOU for thinking of plus size women p.s. I m shopping their now.
9/29/2016 9:58:03 AM965

 Myron D Cheatham    TN United StatesRating:
Advance Auto PartsGreat service from their web support staff! I found the best price for a simple oil filter. It s always good to find bargains on all these little things that we all need.
6/14/2016 6:46:30 PM958

 Jeff Schultz    Minnesota United StatesRating:
Walmart.comI shop online at Walmart frequently. I love the convenience of just planning ahead on what I need and placing my order. After a bit it arrives right at my doorstep, and I never leave my home.
5/31/2016 8:03:53 PM957

 Myron D Cheatham    TN United StatesRating:
HomeDepot.comI always receive excellent service at my local Home Depot store. Their associates are helpful and knowledgeable.
5/31/2016 4:34:20 PM956

 Kay Dillie    wy United StatesRating:
Travelocity.comThis was a very helpful website and easy to use.
5/3/2016 2:00:59 PM954

 Sandra Olson    Illinois United StatesRating:
Walmart.comThe last 2 times I shopped with Wal-Mart, it was amazing the items were delivered on time and some even EARLY. I was able to save money and time. I will continue to shop here. Thank You Wal-Mart
4/24/2016 3:32:29 PM953

 Patrice Morchain    NORD FranceRating:
Adobe.comI had to use the Adobe program Indesign and the site is very helpful with very nice programs and tools !
3/29/2016 3:36:23 AM950

 Kay dillie    Wyoming United StatesRating:
Best BuyI so enjoy shopping at Best Buy as there are always good deals and I am able to move threw the sight easily !
11/12/2015 6:42:23 PM943

 John Bisbal    NY United StatesRating:
Best BuyI love the fact I can order something online through my mall. I get an email when I can pick up at store within an hour. No waiting on lines. It was waiting there for me
11/3/2015 4:26:36 PM942

 Regina Yopp    North Carolina United StatesRating:
Walmart.comI love to shop at Wal-Mart . The customer service is excellent , cashiers are friendly , and the prices are great . They have very low prices .
10/8/2015 7:42:01 PM941

 Sandra Olson    Illinois United StatesRating:
Fabric.comAmazing Store my sister needed some supplies and had EVERYTHING she needed. She will be getting more supplies very soon.
10/7/2015 6:38:28 PM940

 Georgina Lipman    On CanadaRating:
Newegg.caOrdered McAfee Total Protection, they did a fantastic job in getting it to me in only one week. It was on our systems that day!
10/7/2015 9:43:10 AM939

 Patrice Morchain    NORD FranceRating:
Booking.comI love using my mall to book my hotels when I travel as I travel so much for my bussiness!
10/6/2015 10:30:34 PM938

 DREMA LUTZ    North Carolina United StatesRating: I love all the products to choose from
10/5/2015 12:32:39 PM937

 Neal Malone    North Carolina United StatesRating:
Best BuyLove to shop at this site, you can t beat the deals that you find on line here.
10/3/2015 7:08:29 AM936

 Neal Malone    North Carolina United StatesRating:
Walmart.comI love to shop and this is great, best thing since the credit card. Please give it a try.
10/2/2015 3:38:28 AM935

 Neal Malone    North Carolina United StatesRating:
eBay.comI shop on ebay all the time it s great.
10/1/2015 6:55:16 PM934

 Regina Yopp    North Carolina United StatesRating:
eBay.comeBay is very inexpensive , shipping is done fast, customer service is excellent . If they don t have the product , they will get it for you .
9/24/2015 9:09:59 AM933

 Jordan Lipman    On CanadaRating:
123inkcartridges.caI love their cartridges, reasonable cost.
9/15/2015 8:05:01 PM932

 sandy collins    ct. United StatesRating:
Kmart.comjust love the discounts @ k-mart
9/4/2015 9:21:52 PM930

 Stephen J Munster Jr    Florida United StatesRating:
TigerDirect.comEverything was great worked with no problems at all. I would and do tell other to go to Tiger Direct as they are a great company to do business with. And I will continue tell other to shop at Tiger Direct.
8/30/2015 4:15:15 PM929

 ghislaine Naudot    Val De Marne FranceRating:
B & H Photo VideoFound all I needed on this store. Nikon Battery charger, nikon battery, high quality memory card, and WD ultra passport drive. Very easy to find,made some great saving, Received everything very quick, and the day it was expected, and everything in a perfect condition. Used to shop at the NY Store,in the past Will recommand
8/25/2015 3:14:16 PM927

 DAVID G. JAIME    CALIFORNIA United StatesRating:
8/20/2015 7:23:38 PM925

 Sandra Olson    Illinois United StatesRating:
Walmart.comWe have been looking for a lap tray for my dad for weeks, and YES we found it on Wal-Mart Site. The price was very reasonable. Thank You Wal-Mart, he loves and it fits in his chair.
8/6/2015 10:08:16 PM924

 DAVID G. JAIME    CALIFORNIA United StatesRating:
8/2/2015 9:40:53 PM922

 DAVID G JAIME    California United StatesRating:
7/20/2015 4:43:56 PM920

 Esohe Ogbeifun    Indiana (IN) United StatesRating:
InkCartridges.comThe product was delivered within the time limit.I am very satisfied
7/12/2015 4:43:10 PM918

 Kay. Dillie    Wyoming United StatesRating:
Overstock.comThis store has many awesome products ! The ease of shopping is appreciated !
6/23/2015 9:55:23 AM916

 Cynthia Huggs    GA United StatesRating:
Drugstore.comThe products that I purchase from here are top quality, and brands that I put complete trust in, and works really well for me!
6/19/2015 2:42:59 PM915

 Viola Miller    UT 84041 United StatesRating:
ValueMags.combest offers i ve seen this week
5/31/2015 2:38:03 AM910

 Patricia Sebastian    Kentucky United StatesRating:
Walgreens.comA product was recommended to me and I found a lot of people didnt carry it but Walgreens did. I drove to a Walgreens store and found it was only available online, so, since I had found it 20% cheaper there than anywhere else, I ordered it online and was pleasantly surprised how fast it was delivered for free to my door. I never thought before of ordering from Walgreens online but will certainly do so in the future. Very pleased with service and price.
5/22/2015 9:56:25 AM908

 Phyllis M Williams    GA United StatesRating:
Macys.comI was very pleased with my purchase from Macy s. I brought my granddaughter a dress and sweater for Easter. The size was right, the look was beautiful and the price was great. Shopping on my Mall made everything even more wonderful
4/27/2015 12:53:53 PM905

 Timothy Griffin    Tn United StatesRating:
Walmart.comfrom what i saw everything is great
4/25/2015 11:12:05 AM904

 Cynthia Huggs    Georgia United StatesRating:
HomeDepot.comI love this store. Great customer service!
4/7/2015 9:05:43 AM903

 Cynthia Huggs    Georgia United StatesRating: is just amazing! Everything that I need is at this store. I had a wonderful experience shopping here!
4/7/2015 9:03:29 AM902

 Cynthia Huggs    Georgia United StatesRating:
Walmart.comThe very first time I shopped at, was amazing. The site was easy to navigate. I received my order on time, nothing was damaged. I would recommend all of my family and friends to shop here!
4/7/2015 9:01:10 AM901

 DAVID G. JAIME    CALIFORNIA United StatesRating:
4/3/2015 6:54:25 PM900

 kay dillie    wyoming United StatesRating:
Walmart.comwe had a good experience shopping , was a little slow at times but it happens as its life . thank you much .had great savings
3/21/2015 9:06:00 PM899

 Reenie Boyd    Wisconsin United StatesRating:
AnacondaSports.comI like this store my daughter is in sports and I can buy her stuff she will need for the sports she enjoys doing at a great price.
2/28/2015 12:06:06 AM897

 Jill Cochran    Missiouri United StatesRating:
BikeBandit.comI thought the shopping was great. Easy checkout
2/10/2015 8:28:26 PM895

 DAVID G JAIME    CALIFORNIA United StatesRating:
2/4/2015 8:35:01 PM894

 Georgina    Ontario CanadaRating:
123inkcartridges.caFantastic prices and service
2/3/2015 7:59:25 AM893

 DAVID G JAIME    california United StatesRating:
1/23/2015 7:25:58 PM892

 DAVID G JAIME    CALIFORNIA United StatesRating:
1/23/2015 4:50:57 PM891

 ghislaine Naudot    Ivry sur Seine/ Val de Marne FranceRating:
B & H Photo VideoI was looking for a 2TB WD portable hard drive, found the best deal at B&H online store. Great saving, from the store. Received my parcel 3 days after,well protected, and free shipping. will recommand B&H.
1/20/2015 8:04:19 PM890

 ghislaine Naudot     FranceRating:
MiniInTheBox.comWas looking for a xmas present for my little niece. Found some nice fancy dresses for her barbie doll. Great savig on Xmas sales. The package was conform to what I ordered, and was delivered on time, with no shopping fees. Will recommand this store.
1/20/2015 7:58:26 PM889

 asim lodhi    kpk PakistanRating:
Lenovo Canadai like lenovo products very well.
1/15/2015 7:32:57 AM888

 DAVI G JAIME    california United StatesRating:
1/12/2015 6:10:37 PM887

 ghislaine Naudot    Val De Marne FranceRating:
Target.comI really enjoyed my shopping at Target. Was looking for flannel sheets sets for my country house. Looked at several stores, and found the best deals at Target, for the items I was looking for, with the same article and same quality.
1/6/2015 5:29:20 PM886

 craiglaw68    va United StatesRating:
Walmart.comI love your store and the people that help you do a good job.
1/5/2015 6:57:40 PM885

 John Bisbal    New York United StatesRating:
TicketMonster.comIt was very easy to pick tickets of seats I was looking for. There was No hidden cost or fees. I will use them again
12/5/2014 11:01:11 AM884

 Hans Frenken    Arizona United StatesRating:
Sears.comAfter driving to four Sears stores looking for a sold-out Black Friday deal I came home and found it online! It was a $79 prepaid smartphone for $9! It arrived earlier than expected the following Monday. It s a great little phone [LG L34C] and a big upgrade with easy online activation and transfer of my existing service and minutes. Thanks to Sears for an awesome deal and great service.
12/2/2014 8:09:04 PM883

 sandy collins    ct. United StatesRating:
Walmart.comwalmart is very for me to shop online & easy to pick it up myself
11/27/2014 8:14:26 PM882

 Patricia Miller    Maryland United StatesRating:
HomeDepot.comI needed floor wax. I visited my shopping mall. I went to the Home Depot found and ordered the product. Home Depot emailed when the order was ready. I went to customer service picked it up. It was that simple. I did not have to roam the store. What at great experience especially since I have had a knee replacement it was so convenient thanks to the mall.
11/25/2014 10:01:49 PM881

 Barbara Ritenburg    MI - Michigan United StatesRating:
Sur La TableI ordered from Sur La Table on the 11/11/14 and was very surprised to have it delivered on 11/13/14 so their delivery time is fantastic. I will definitely be ordering from them more often.
11/14/2014 5:07:16 AM880

 Mark Christensen    TX United StatesRating:
Advance Auto PartsWow. I have to say after compare pricing some other auto stores, Advanced Auto did an excellent job of providing what I needed for my Jaguar. I needed to replace the battery and they were very value driven with price, quality product and checkout was the best I have experienced online. I picked up from store in 12 hours and I Saved 40 dollars.
11/11/2014 4:49:59 PM879

 Donna Rinaldi    NY United StatesRating:
Lakeside CollectionWhat a wonderful store, a large variety of products, easy checkout and fast delivery. Will shop again.
10/25/2014 3:28:15 PM877

 Regina Johnson    New York United StatesRating:
Best BuyI order s 7" tablet for my mother in law from online. The experience was amazing, quick to pick up. I will be ordering online for now on I just love how easy it is!
10/14/2014 12:41:23 PM876

 Ghislaine Naudot    Cote D or FranceRating:
Cross.comI purchased a pen and 2 leather cases. The order was processed right away. I received evrything this morning via DHL, and the shipping was free. I will recommand this store. Thank you.
9/30/2014 5:28:36 PM874

 Lyn Crouser    Florida United StatesRating:
Lexington LawI have made huge progress with Lexington Law. I have been with them for a year now and have turned my credit around completely. Thank you to all who has helped me gain new ground and get back on track.
9/30/2014 12:27:28 PM873

 Lyn Crouser    Florida United StatesRating:
iDISH Network.comGreat service they were quick and got me hooked up in no time.
9/30/2014 11:48:44 AM872

 Jane     Ohio United StatesRating:
Walmart.comIt was great!I ordered online. Went to Wal*Mart with 2-3 hours of phone sent a message and telling my package was ready and everyone there was so helpful and kind, Big Shout out to The WalMart in SteelYard, Cleveland, Ohio. Thanks Again JM
9/29/2014 5:24:10 PM871

 Patrice Morchain    NORD FranceRating:
Booking.comI was very happy to book for the 3 nights in Belgium for some exhibition I had to attend for the classes I give in Belgium and for my book "Love is the Key..." It s so convenient to receive a rebate as I shop online through the Our GV mall...
9/16/2014 1:03:54 PM869

 Ghislaine Naudot     FranceRating:
MiniInTheBox.comNeeded an extra mouse,and cellphone holder for my cars and various items .Found everything at Just received everything this morning to my house in France,The shipping was free. The parcel arrived in perfect condition! And made some saving! Will recommand this store. Thank you.
9/2/2014 3:47:00 PM868

 Neal Jorgensen    Idaho United StatesRating:
B & H Photo VideoJust received my Nikon D7100. This is a great store, great customer service, and great Prices. Adding to rebate for shopping from my mall is just makes it more fantastic
8/21/2014 7:45:23 PM866

 Robyn Frank    Idaho United StatesRating:
1-800-PetMedsOrdered my dog s heartworm meds and vitamins from PetMeds and had them is 3 days. Quick, efficient and included a huge milkbone!
8/21/2014 1:44:54 PM865

 Robyn Frank    Idaho United StatesRating:
Best BuyNeeded to replace the HDMI cable between the satellite dish and TV. Found the cable at Best Buy, 15 minutes later order was confirmed, 10 minutes confirmed it was ready for pick-up, ran up to the store, picked it up, installed it and was done from ordering to installing in an hour.
8/21/2014 1:38:52 PM864

 zeynab dirden    LA United StatesRating:
Target.comlove the way it is setup
8/5/2014 7:20:21 PM863

 David Riley    Texas United StatesRating:
1-800-PetMedsFive Star Rating for Excellent savings of 26%, excellent and courtesy expediting of shipping. Highly recommend to everyone.
8/2/2014 2:27:11 PM862

 David Riley    Texas United StatesRating:
Best BuyNot only did I save $25 on a $42.00 order but I went to the local Best Buy and they programmed my new phone and I was able to maintain my old number. Service was number one and the knowledge of the personnel was second to none. I will always consider Best Buy on-line.
8/2/2014 2:12:30 PM861

 Carmen Aguirre    Ca United StatesRating:
Oldnavy.comIt was really convenient shopping online at Old Navy. I avoided the traffic congestion on a Saturday. I spent only what I needed to without other distractions in the store. I found the sizes that are commonly not always available in store. No long waits with my feet and legs hurting. My order got free shipping and I loved it!
7/12/2014 5:06:28 PM860

 Mark Christensen    TX United StatesRating:
Alibris.comI was able to find a book that I have wanted for years and finally found it with this amazing website. Highly recommend it!!!
7/7/2014 12:24:24 PM859

 Hans Frenken    AZ United StatesRating:
HomeDepot.comTheir shop online - pick up at store service is great. They gather the item(s) for you and send an email when your order is ready to be picked up. It s usually ready in an hour or so plus you still get the rebate!
5/29/2014 6:14:01 PM853

 Rick Benson    Indiana United StatesRating:
Advance Auto PartsI made a purchase of an oil product I like to use. I chatted with a representative who helped me tremendously. I used one of the drop down coupons to save 25% on that purchase. I was able to go a couple blocks from my home to pick up my order. Very convenient! I use Advance Auto Parts for all my automotive needs and will continue to use them.
3/10/2014 7:14:20 AM843

 George Toulson    DE United StatesRating:
MadMonkTea.comI just love Mad Monk Tea! I v tried other blends of Mad Monk teas, but my favorite is GABA Oolong. I appreciate the health benefits associated with the Mad Monk ties. I don t have coffee at home, just the Mad Monk Teas, which I usually have when a first get up. From 1 teaspoon, I usually get 3 16 oz glasses of tea. I haven t even compared it price wise to store bought teas, as I m not the shopper that my wife Bertha is. I just know what I like and how it makes me feel.
2/10/2014 8:47:52 AM839

 Debra Mizrahi    NY United StatesRating:
Best BuyI have never received such a fast response to an online purchase. I got a confirmation of my order within an hour. I would recommend Best Buy to everyone.
1/19/2014 10:05:58 AM836

 Donna Rinaldi    NY United StatesRating:
Joann.comShopped for some Christmas gifts, great sales, used coupons, and free shipping. Was very happy with the shopping experience and the products.
12/20/2013 9:27:50 PM835

 Donna Rinaldi    NY United StatesRating:
Blair.comOrdered the pants my Mom likes as part of her Christmas gifts. Easy ordering and checkout, fast shipping, very happy with the experience.
12/20/2013 9:24:53 PM834

 lisa dawson    west virginia United StatesRating:
Target.comlove shopping target on line the web site is user friendly and the prices are compatible the shipping was timely I will shop here again
12/17/2013 8:27:18 PM833

 lissa dawson    west virginia United StatesRating:
Blinds.comordering was so easy they even helped in how to measure the window The blind I ordered was here way before I thought it would be. I was very pleased with the web site and the service...the prices were excellent. I will defiantly shop here again
12/17/2013 8:23:17 PM832

 Christine Simmons    North carolina United StatesRating:
Walmart.comI Christine Simmons have had a wonderful experience shopping.I was able to get a 39inch JVC on sale for $299.00 That I am able to have my order shipped to the store. So I don t have to pay for shipping. So I am enjoying all benefits from this purchase.
12/8/2013 1:38:34 PM831

 David Riley    Texas United StatesRating:
Newegg.comOne of my favorite businesses because of savings on everything I ordered, quick delivery, and excellent packaging. The delivery company hired by Newegg was great in delivery and in their attitude. Highly recommend to everyone. Five star.
10/16/2013 11:36:41 PM829

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